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As Your Partner, JOI Handles Employment-Related Services
Many companies and institutions require outsourcing of basic services such as laundry, food services, custodial and landscaping. JOI has been providing value-added services to our customers for over twenty years.

We assist our partners with the following employment-related services:

  • Ongoing project evaluation
  • Recruitment of the disabled
  • Department of Labor documentation
  • Assessment of capabilities
  • Training and orientation
  • Program/Project Management
  • Employee retention, discipline and termination
  • Community promotion and visibility programs

Real Jobs for Capable People
We know that meaningful employment provides the best mechanism for integrating people with disabilities into productive society. Work enhances self-worth, teaches marketable skills and provides a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Employment reduces the dependence on public-assistance programs and enables the individual to gain more economic security and individual life choices.

By contracting with Job Options you:

  • help your business succeed with our exemplary services
  • receive high-quality products backed by award-winning personnel
  • provide JOI employees with dignity, opportunity and independence
  • are socially responsible, as employees become taxpayers rather than tax recipients
  • will benefit local economies
  • are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction

Our Employees are Consistently Honored for Excellence
2015 SourceAmerica Performance Excellence Award - Government Contracting
2015 Employer of the Year - Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
2015 SourceAmerica National William M. Usdane Award (Yolanda Richardson)
2014 SourceAmerica National Evelyne Villines Award (Elizabeth Coss)
2014 NCSE Management Excellence Award - Pacific West Region (Doug Baker)
2013 CIMS CB Certification with Honors - Hospital Environmental Services and Facilities Divisions

NISH Pacific West Region Evelyne Villines Award (Steve Credle)

NCWC Management Excellence Award  - West Region (Carol Whiteley)

2011 Chula Vista Laundry Plant Accreditation Healthcare Laundry
Accreditation Council
2010 NISH Pacific West Region William M. Usdane Award
(Rosamaria Santana)
2009 NISH National Business Innovation Award
2008 NISH Board Award for Performance Excellence (Randy Williams)
2007 NISH Award for Outstanding Performance
2006 Grassroots Excellence Award (Governmental Relations)
2006 NISH National Business Innovation Award
2006 NAVFAC SW FEAD San Diego Safety Award – Facilities Maintenance Category Janitorial Services at the Naval Medical Center
2005 NISH National William M. Usdane Award (James Brady)
2004 Fastest Growing Company Award (San Diego Business Journal)
2002 NISH National Evelyne Villines Award (Jim Smith)
2000 50 Fastest-Growing Companies Award San Diego Business Journal
1999 California State Senate Service Recognition Award
1998 California Dept. of Rehabilitation Outstanding Agency Award


AbilityOne Program
The AbilityOne Program, formerly the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act, helps find employment for thousands of people who have severe disabilities. The program coordinates its activities with nonprofit organizations such as Job Options to employ these individuals and provide goods and services to the federal government at a fair price. The AbilityOne Program:

  • Employs nearly 43,000 disabled people
  • Is the largest source of employment in the country for people who have disabilities
  • Coordinates participation from more than 600 nonprofit agencies throughout the United States
  • Represents $2.3 billion of products and services purchased by the federal government in 2006
  • Operates at nearly 1,000 locations, representing 40 government agencies nationally
  • Is the largest provider of custodial services and commissary shelf-stocking to the federal government
  • Is one of the major providers of military dining services to the Department of Defense
  • Surveyed the workforce in 2006 and found that 76% of people with severe disabilities were satisfied with their jobs and 79% are very proud of their work.

The AbilityOne Program is administered by the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, an independent federal agency, with assistance from the National Institute for the Severely Disabled (NISH).



Learn About JOI

For more information contact:
Valorie Seidl
Human Resources Director


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